Issues On The Agenda



            Issue 1:           “Measures for combating weaponization in the Middle East “

            Issue 2:           “Prioritizing the prevention of an Arms Race in outer space”


  • Health and Environment

            Issue 1:           “Combating cosmetic testing on animals in terms of animal cruelty”

            Issue 2:           “The question of diseases caused by environmental pollution in conflict areas”


  • Political 

            Issue 1:           “Possible resolving ideas for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”

           Issue 2:           “Measures for regulating separatist movements in Europe”


  • Humanitarian 

       Issue 1: “Reducing prejudice and increasing tolerance for ethnic diversity”

            Issue 2:           “Providing a welcoming school environment focused on educational, social and emotional needs of refugees and IDPs”



            Issue 1:           “The question of macroeconomic effects of high tax rates”

            Issue 2:           “Measures for decreasing the rate of nations’ low-income populations”



            “The situation in MALI”


  • Historical Committee

            “World War II”